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Our Story

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5 Objectives

The objectives of the Aartworks Development Program are:

  1. Strategic art career development

  2. Enabling new contracts and sales
  3.  Advocacy
  4. Professionalisation
  5. Networking

This service is centred on the principles of encouraging positive relationships and respecting cultural creativity.

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 9 Services

Aartworks provides a facilitation role between artists and formal and informal art and cultural networks, processes and institutions by:

  1. Developing creative skills and capacities 
  2. Strategic career planning
  3. Enabling relationship networks
  4. Brokering collaborations
  5. Developing business, legal and organisational skills
  6. Providing pop-up gallery & workshop spaces in WA
  7. Providing sales outlets
  8. Offering no interest loans
  9. Lobbying for client advantages

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7 Groups

Aartworks is a practical program of accompaniment between an Enterprise Facilitator and artist or group, whereby the relationship is based on the common aim to improve the practice and livelihood of the artist or group.

This development service is of special benefit to:

  • Individual artists
  • Artist groups
  • Creative workers
  • Federal, State and Local government people involved in regional and remote-area creative industry development
  • Art development projects requiring a local partnership in the Gascoyne region or Western Australia
  • Academics and educators involved in creative development initiatives
  • Not-for-profit or for-profit creative art groups wanting to improve governance practices and organisational outcomes

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 1st. Methodology

The Aartworks Development Program is based on the use of enterprise facilitation methodology. The Enterprise Facilitator works with the artist or group, whereby the relationship is based on the common aim to improve their practice and livelihood. 

The Enterprise Facilitator has the role of brokering resources for developing their art practices and capacities and also business, legal and organisational skills. Through Aartworks clients can access specialist support in financial management, contract supervision, marketing, art project management and development.

Grass roots connections and local leadership are essential to the practice of enterprise facilitation. Without local endorsement, understanding and management nothing can happen well. Typically you find this in the community level organisations of local government, service clubs, art groups, state and federal regional development boards, education institutions, community professionals and economic development practitioners – this is the context within which Aartworks operates. 

The Enterprise Facilitator is the catalyst for assisting and encouraging local artists or art groups by providing intensive, one-on-one assistance. They link artists and art groups to programs and resources offered by development organisations 

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 1993 Foundation

In 1993 Aartworks founder, Sabrina Dowling Giudici undertook two inspiring adventures – the transition from business consultant to enterprise facilitator; and culturally, undertaking her first art event co-ordinator role. Lots of fun, art events and years later – the passion to creatively collaborate continues.

Sabrina is now joint Principal with Anthony (Tony) Dowling in the regional development and planning firm, Dowling Giudici + Associates. Together they have restored two heritage buildings plus one Perth studio to provide meeting and work spaces for emerging and professional artists.