Fusion - Exhibition Series
Fuse Art Collective

This exhibition introduces the innovative fusion style of collaborative art work that is cross cultural and multidisciplinary. It fuses patterns and meanings of the contemporary Aboriginal painting of Bonni Ingram, with the aerial photography and digital art of Anton Blume; it is focused on role-modeling innovation in art through ‘connection to Country’ in and around the land and seascapes of the two adjacent World Heritage areas of Shark Bay and the Ningaloo Reef.

Each art work is intense with multiple layers of meaning, visual elements and colours. The connecting theme in every piece is the presence of water – from the rivers, the pools or the coast of the Gascoyne Region. So the medium selected to literally reflect this element - water - is a high gloss acrylic that allows an interdependence between the surface of the art works and ambient light. Aiming for a liquid look, any movement by the viewer bounces back as a reflection, connecting the art work to the space in which the audience stands.

3000 feet - Exhibition Series
Anton Felix Blume 

As a documentary photographer I observe a wide range of human society and nature related subject matter, approached holistically down to the finest details. In contrast, my art practice as a designer &  fine-art photographer allows me to interpret & express those observations. These interests paired with a background in Communication Design form the base of my work in which exploration ofthe differences and commonalities between Art & Design take place. 

3000 feet carefully places a frame around selections of endless structures, fractual patterns, shapes and colours of some of Australia’s prestine and remote regions, Shark Bay, Lake McLeod, The Gascoyne River, Ningaloo Reef & the Kennedy Ranges. This project is a personal journey from ranges into river beds, from red soils to turquise waters, white salt lakes to vivid explosions of colour. Artistic interpretations of aerial landscapes inspired by raw nature and indigenous art & culture.

Colour - Exhibition Series
Anton Felix Blume 

Watery blues, turquoises, greens; beachy whites, yellows & creams; rusty reds, hazy purples & dry greens. Harsh light and strong contrasts shape a unique Gascoyne colour palette. Abstraction and the reduction of shapes allows for pure colour impact. Part of this series won the photography section of the Gascoyne Bienniel Art Awards, 2014. Most of these artworks have been created completely in camera without further editing.

Exhibition Series
Bonni Ingram

I acknowledge the first people of this Country - I pay my respects to the Elders past and present, for they hold the stories and history of this Country. It is a privilege to be here as an Indigenous Artist. As a contemporary Aboriginal artist what really grabs me is how the water is captured, and the land, and how my Indigenous art and its meaning are shared. My Yamatji Dad was always painting and carving culturally - inspiring me to follow him and interpret my grandmother’s country which is Badimia. This influences me to use colours more profusely due to the local botany that is extraordinarily infused with the colours of the native flowers. My preference is to move colours on a huge scale. It is the optimal expression of my work because it’s the only way I myself can bring out the meaning for my audiences - pushing my expression to the limits; challenging the viewer to enter deeper appreciation of the meaning of my country - a cultural gift to be shared; luring them through the boldness of colour and scale - these are intertwined and essential together.

I say to other artists coming up - don’t be afraid to experiment, see what others are doing - push your boundaries. You keep changing and that’s important - don’t give up. Art is a part of me - it brings out of me Culture, my knowledge for sharing. The key to your art career is collaboration like I enjoy with Anton Blume and I am grateful for this. Find who you can work with professionally; get the business part right.